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張浩眀 張貼了一個狀態
"#Taiwan watch my latest video!! 阿明問: 中正紀念堂的廁所在哪裡!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RYz0ZTyHDk"
2012 25 11 月
吳錫庚覺得 張浩眀 的影片很讚
2012 23 7 月
張浩眀 張貼了一個狀態
"#Taiwan...阿明說: 中天跟中視用林來瘋來模糊焦點也太明顯了吧 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7d-l9Oo6dE"
2012 22 7 月
吳錫庚覺得 張浩眀 的影片很讚
2012 5 6 月
張浩眀 張貼了一個狀態
"#Taiwan...阿明問: 馬英九和習近平, 誰比較不了解台灣? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kqpjWbmqMM"
2012 5 6 月
明妙覺得 張浩眀 的影片很讚
2012 28 5 月
張浩眀 張貼了一個狀態
"#Taiwan...chinese tourists gone wild, watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYYcXWXTdyQ"
2012 27 5 月
吳錫庚覺得 張浩眀 的影片很讚
2012 26 3 月


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No Communication Commission

於 2009 二月 7 的 5:20pm 張貼 0 個意見

The National Communication Commission (NCC-國家通訊傳播委員會) was established on February 22, 2006 under the pretense that it would regulate the information, communications and broadcasting industry. The NCC claims to be an independent agency; however it is a part of the Executive Yuan and its members are appointed according to the ratio of the legislative seats held by each party. Since the legislature has always been dominated by the KMT, the NCC has been nothing more than a tool for the KMT in… 繼續

Freedom to oppress

於 2009 一月 28 的 4:28pm 張貼 0 個意見

In terms of media freedom, Taiwan used to be regarded as having the most open media in Asia according to Freedom House's 2008 report. However, in little over half a year since the Chinese KMT (國民黨) has taken back the presidential office, the Taiwanese people have seen their freedom of expression greatly stifled. Whether it is freedom of speech, freedom of assembly or freedom of the press, rights that were once openly practiced and respected in Taiwan are being trampled by Ma Ying Jeou (馬英九) and… 繼續

Anything but panda-monium!

於 2009 一月 3 的 4:18pm 張貼 0 個意見

I'll be the first to admit I'm not buying into this propaganda bombardment about the two pandas that came over the other week from China to Taiwan. Chinese and international websites make it seem like everyone in Taiwan is talking about "Tuan Tuan" and "Yuan Yuan" (together means "reunion") with nothing but love. An article in the Economist (China and Taiwan: Cuddlier than ever) said, "the recent improvement of cross-strait ties will become all the more evident later in the month when two… 繼續

Taipei Times interview questions

於 2008 十一月 14 的 9:51am 張貼 0 個意見

1.) Many of Chen’s supporters said the detention was uncalled for because the prosecution has failed to give any evidence or backing for the basis of his detention. From your observation, do you think Chen has been rightfully detained?

• I don’t think we can say that things happen in Taiwan because of right or wrong. If there was really this belief in Taiwan, would the police brutality unleashed upon protesting Taiwanese citizens have occurred last week when Chen Yun Lin was here? If… 繼續

Can someone translate this transcript in Chinese?

於 2008 十一月 12 的 11:03pm 張貼 5 個意見


Julian Marshall: You’re listening to the BBC World Service. I’m Julian Marshall with News Hour.

For the past sixty years, Taiwan has been in limbo, functioning as an independent state of 23 million people but prevented by China from taking its seat within the international family of nations. China has continued to claim sovereignty over Taiwan ever since 1949, when Mao Zedong’s communists defeated the nationalist Kuomingtang, or KMT, who fled across the… 繼續



加入 TaiwanYes

在 3:26pm on 二月 13, 2011,jesse chen 送給 張浩眀 一個禮物...
You are the man! Love your videos, keep up the great job. You make Taiwan prode.
在 4:55pm on 十二月 13, 2010,isaac 送給 張浩眀 一個禮物...
在 5:54am on 十月 16, 2010,台灣人台灣魂的戴 送給 張浩眀 一個禮物...
明妙 在 2010 八月 11 的 11:04am 說...

Hunt Chink Down !!! 在 2010 五月 9 的 8:35pm 說...

Happy mother's day ~ !

台灣國美食家 在 2010 五月 5 的 2:24am 說...
台灣國美食家 在 2010 三月 1 的 1:28am 說...
ok 已幫你把影片post出去了
Hunt Chink Down !!! 在 2010 二月 14 的 4:47pm 說...
【快樂台灣年 !】

【Happy Taiwanese New Year !】

【快樂台灣年 !】

爭民主 在 2010 一月 19 的 1:43am 說...
公佈66位投票支持地制法的國民黨立委姓名,電話,手機; 全民共同圍剿!!殲滅牠們的政治生命!!
金溥聰破壞體制,違法亂紀!! 馬英九縱容宦官,廢綱敗亂!! 全民罷斥馬劣症腐!!!
在 12:36am on 一月 09, 2010,爭民主 送給 張浩眀 一個禮物...
幹!牠馬的混蛋王八烏龜假聖人王建煊!! 王建煊馬屁拍完再羞辱原住民!!! 假道學, 偽君子, 虛偽的法力賽人,骯髒的魔鬼同路人, 對馬逢迎諂媚,對民百班壓迫! 你根本不配當基督教徒, 因為你是不折不扣的稅吏和幫兇!! 助紂為虐的敗類!!!



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